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Connor G
Hey, I'm Connor a freelance developer from South Wales mainly specialising in Front & Back end development!
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What my clients say

Jack M

CEO of GameHosting.io D/B/A Zelon Corp.

Polite has provided numerous unique and high quality designs for a reasonable price. The website for GameHosting.io were no exception. They have extensive knowledge in design work and provide exceptional communication to take their designs to the next level. I would highly recommend giving Polite a try for your company.


Owner of HollowServers.

I have hired polite to do various development tasks and he managed to complete them in a fast and timely manner. He his very good at what he does all the work he's done for me has been premium quality. If you are in need of a web developer then look no further!


Owner of PIXEL Community

Polite is a very talented web developer. He made our website look beautiful and responsive, would recommend to anyone! :D


Owner of CordBot

Polite made a website for my project that really looked professional. I was very pleased with it. Definitely recommend working with him!


Owner of Zion Networks

Good stuff fast easy cheap. Short review but it was a very good product and he did all my custom requests quite fast. Very friendly too.